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The ScooterX 196cc Sport Go Kart is our fastest and baddest go kart we sell. This is not for begginers and not entry level unless over the age of 12. This Go Kart is for on or light offroad use. The Sport Kart comes with huge 13" knobby tires and dual coil over shocks. The Sport Kart reaches speeds up to 45mph.

We are currently offering a price match guarantee that we will beat any competitor's website price (shipping included) by $20


The Sport Kart weighs 175lbs and fully assembled is 66" L x 38" W x 28" Tall. This particular go kart being so big will ship freight, so please make sure you put a working telephone number to be contacted at or else the package will not be delivered. We also have an EPA Approved engine so this model can be shipped to California at not additional cost!

flame 196cc Sport Kart Gas Go Kart - EAST COAST flame

• 196cc 4 stroke engine
• Max Speed up to 45 MPH
• 30 Day Warranty
87 Octane Fuel | 1 Gal Tank
• 6.5 Horsepower
• Free Lifetime Tech Support
• Rear Disc Brakes
• Max weight of 250lbs
• Standard Trigger Throttle
• Tubeless 13" Tires


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flame 196cc Sport Kart Gas Go Kart flame

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The ScooterX Sport Kart comes standard with the following:
196cc 4 stroke Gas Engine This engine runs on pump gas, no oil mixing necessary. Engine puts out around 6.5hp. This is our most powerful go kart motor.
Rear Coil over suspension The rear end has dual coil over suspension with 4 inches of travel.
Centrifugal Clutch This is an Automatic clutch
13" off road tires All 4 tires have a nice knobby tread for light off road use. Can also be used on smooth road surfaces.
Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes Comes with rear disc brakes which gives you plenty of stopping power.
Hand Controls Throttle and brake are both hand controls that are mounted to the steering wheel.
Top Speed 40-45 mph!
Pull Start Engine starts by pulling a cord.
Warranty This Kart comes with a 30 day warranty and free lifetime tech support!

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