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ScooterX-Gas-Scooters.com is not responsible for any injury that occurs to any person while riding, or not riding, a product we have sold. We are also not responsible for any other injury that may have been caused to a different party other than the person riding the scooter. The customer/rider understands that they are operating the scooter at their own risk. We encourage all proper safety gear be worn. We also encourage taking safety measures such as riding in non populated areas in daylight and ideal weather conditions where visibility is clear. We insist you NEVER operate your scooter while intoxicated. We ask that you please ride responsibly for your safety and for of all those around you.

ScooterX-Gas-Scooters.com is not responsible for any property damage that may be caused by someone riding our products. It is the customer's responsibility to check all local laws regarding gas motorized scooters before purchasing or riding one of our products. We will not be responsible for any fines associated with breaking the law. Should a customer have failed to check the laws before purchasing their scooter, we are not required to, nor will we, give the customer a refund.

Still have questions? Feel free to email at sales@playhardindustries.com

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