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49cc Gas Motor Scooters
Below you will find our 49cc gas scooter models.
Click on the picture or the link to find out more information.

49cc X Racer gas scooter
Scooter X
49cc X-Racer Gas Scooter

This 49cc model scooter is not only fast
and unbelievably strong, this scooter has a unique, sleek frame. Good luck trying to find a scooter this upgradedable at any store for this low price! Click on the scooter to find out more about the front suspension, offroad tires, and more!


Click here or on the
scooter for more details.

49cc X-Racer Gas Scooter $399.99
ScooterX authorized dealer

• Free 5-7 Day Delivery • Max speed 32-35 mph
• Warranty Included • Fold Down neck
• ALL Mild steel Frame • On or Off Road Tires
49cc Dirt Dog gas scooter
Scooter X
49cc Dirt Dog Gas Scooter

The 49cc Dirt Dog is designed to
handle dirt and mud like a champ. This ScooterX classic has been newly designed with upgraded motoX handlebars and
the exclusive all new CHROME motor.
The front and rear disc brake system is designed to bring you to a safe stop
while riding offroad terrain.


Click here or on the
scooter for more details.
49cc Dirt Dog Gas Scooter $399.99

• Free 3-7 Day Delivery • Max speed 32 mph
• Warranty Included • Free Seat Kit
• Free Billet Deck • Offroad Tires

scooter pipe

ScooterX Power Pipe

The ScooterX Power Pipe is back. This pipe will fit 99% of chinese gas scooters, pep boys, x-treme, boreem, and many more. Fits 33cc to 52cc motors. Pipes ads 5-7mph speed and tons of power. This is the most powerfull upgrade you can get for your scooter.Xpipes ad 5-7mph to the top speed, and tons of power (you will notice a power-band similar to nitrous without the button). This is the most powerful upgrade you can get for your scooter. Also be sure to check out our High Flow Air Intake system.

This item is Currently Out of Stock

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